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Car Driving School Simulator

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Descriere Car Driving School Simulator

Learn how to drive like a pro in Car Driving School Simulator!

Following the traffic rules can be challenging but it can also be a whole lot of fun. In Car Driving School Simulator, you’ll get to experience the road just like it is in real life!

Put your seatbelt on, turn the engine on and go. Stop at the red lights, obey the stop signs, turn on the wipers when it’s raining and don’t forget to use the blinkers when a turn is coming. Car Driving School Simulator doesn’t leave out any details of the driving experience!

After a tutorial that will teach you all the basics, it’s time for you to go to the city and complete a series of challenging missions to earn money. And with a big city comes an overwhelming amount of traffic, so drive carefully!

There are 20 unique vehicles to choose from, way beyond the simple cars you see every day. Drive pickup trucks, muscle cars, 4x4s, buses and a super car.

For an extra challenge, jump to the online multiplayer mode! Compete with other real players, locally or over the Internet, follow the rules of the road, get points, earn bonuses and see who the best driver in the world is. Check the leaderboards to see who’s winning!

Let’s not forget the game’s incredibly slick visuals, variety of camera positions (including first-person) and tight controls. You can either use the touch buttons and tilt mechanics or use a MFi Game Controller.

Experience Car Driving School Simulator entirely for free! There are some extra game modes that will offer you bonus ways to play the game but those are completely optional and available to you through in-app purchases.

Car Driving School Simulator is an incredibly rich simulator game, where you’ll actually feel like you’re driving. Get ready to take the wheel and show the whole world your driving skills.

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